Sisu Sisu

Sawubona - "I see you" in seeing each other we are connected we are one.

Sisu Sisu reflects a spirited approach to life coupled with unwavering determination.

The designer Jade currently living in London seamlessly weaves the diverse tapestry of her life experiences. Though miles away from her childhood home in South Africa, the vibrant hues, rich textures, and cultural nuances of her upbringing continue to be the heartbeat of her design aesthetic.

This beautifully curated summer collection is inspired by the designers trips to Cape Town.

Using rich textured brocades with a mix of ethereal lightweight fabrics that are reminiscent of long summer days, golden beaches, the tanzanite blue ocean and breath-taking bright orange sunsets.

Sisu Sisu prioritises environmental sustainability and has just launched knitwear made from natural

Cotton, Merino Wool and Mulberry Silk.

Ethically produced in Cape Town, South Africa and the United Kingdom in small runs to minimise waste.

Exclusive bold patterned knitwear inspired by the Strelitzia flower (aka Bird of Paradise) , Goliath Beetle, Kingfisher & Hoopoe Birds convey a vibrancy and high on life energy felt when visiting South Africa.